Gear & equipment

Double Basses

My main bass is a lovely restored Hawkes Concert from the early 1900s. Complete with a room rattling low C extension courtesy of Sam Wells. I also have a more recent Jay Haide Panormo as backup.


I have a few bows (mainly french pattern at the moment), including Lamy, Doerfler, Knoll and a rare english J Horsfall. The Lamy belonged to my teacher, and was featured in the film of Fiddler on the Roof (along with many west end shows!)

Bass Guitars

In addition to several Overwaters (4 and 5 string J basses and Progress models) I also collect vintage/unusual instruments. Favourite are two Squier JV series jazz basses from 1982/3 (one being the rare early 'fender logo').


Having tried a LOT of amps over the years, I now mainly use two Barefaced cabs (super light & hand-built in Brighton by Alex Caber) along with Markbass and TC Electronic heads. I also have several Schertler and SR Technology combos for double bass set ups (to go with my Schertler pickups)


Although I tend to avoid more than basic effects & outboard gear, I do have a variety of Boss chorus/octaver pedals, a Visual Volume pedal and Sansamp DI 

PA Gear

For gigs and PA reinforcement I mainly use SR Technology active speakers plus an HK Elias PX rig (depending on the venue). SR gear is almost unkown in the UK but VERY clear, hi-fi sounding gear (they've made many of Schertler's amps for years) which is especially good for choirs and acoustic. And they go LOUD! I also have several mixing desks (including a 32 channel GB2) and a variety of pro microphones.