Choirs, Singing and Vocal Health

Phil has a wealth of experience creating, leading and troubleshooting with a variety of singing groups. As a Rock Choir and community choir leader he has many years experience working with adult amateurs as well as school and college students of all ages. 

He has organised and led hundreds of events and recordings , including a trip to Abbey Road Studios in London.

He specialises in safe vocal technique for singers and other professional voice users (e.g teachers & public speakers)

Team Building

Phil has worked with a range of clients to develop bespoke training using choir harmony to improve confidence, team cohesion and presentation skills including long term projects for Age UK and the NHS.

More recently Phil was invited into Real XS Manchester by the legendary Steve Berry to teach him to sing live on air!

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Schools and Colleges

In addition to using 'instant choir' techniques in staff training sessions, Phil has also worked with groups of all sizes in schools from Primary to Degree level working with choirs, instrumental groups and more.

He has also audited, installed and updated in-house sound systems for several schools and run sound in school shows and productions on many occasions