Vocal, piano and bass Tuition

Highly trained with over 25 years experience

Phil has been teaching singing, piano and bass in addition to leading choral groups for many years. He has worked in a number of settings from primary schools to degree level and uses a student-centred approach rather than just following exam syllabi. 

In addition to his BMus, he is also a fully qualified teacher (QTS/PGCE) and has an LRAM teaching diploma and is fully DBS checked.

Vocal and singing lessons

Phil focusses mainly on pop music and musical theatre to fit each students individual needs.

Having spent many years working with singers of all ages and standards, Phil eventually came across Vocal Process (run by industry pioneers and 'The Voice' coaches Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher) and uses his extensive training with them to develop safe and effective vocal function interwoven into his lessons.

Singing Teacher vs Vocal Coaching

Traditionally a singer teacher teaches 'technique' and a vocal coach (often a non singer and pianist) works on repertoire. Fortunately Phil is in the enviable and unusual position to be able to do both (using piano accompaniment and/or backing tracks depending on the pupil).

The Singing Techniques minefield!

Trying to find a SUITABLE singing teacher can be a minefield. There are a whole range of 'schools' from the traditional 'classical teachers' to more contemporary ones promising miracles and with fancy names, snazzy websites and usually expensive rates!

The truth is that not all singers can or should be taught with the same method. For example trying to teach a pop or rock singer with classical technique will NOT work for various scientific reasons. And whichever style you learn MUST be based on correct, up to date science to ensure vocal health (especially with children).

Piano Lessons

In addition to vocal lessons Phil is an experienced piano teacher and former diploma standard pianist, having studied with John Bigger and Michael Gariick at The Royal Academy. He has entered many students for ABRSM exams with 100% pass rate, but also works with students on pop music and chordal harmony.

Bass Lessons

Phil has taught double bass (classical and jazz) as well as bass guitar for many years to private clients and schools. He holds an LRAM (teaching diploma) from the Royal Academy of Music in double bass tuition.